GISS Meeting – August 17th 2016

Georgia Geographic Information System Coordinating Committee

August 17th , 2016, 11:00 – 12:00

Department of Community Affairs, Atlanta, GA. Conference Room #299A
“The vision of the GISCC is for all levels of government to become highly effective and
efficient through the coordination and use of geospatially-related data, standards and
The mission of the GISCC is to provide statewide guidance on sustainable geospatial
governance, investments, policies and data -driven decisions influencing the State of
Georgia.” Source: Bylaws of the GISCC
Approval of Minutes from June 2016 meeting
Susan Miller – Presentation on GISCC
David Anderson and GISCC Officers – Statement of Goals and Objectives
Questions and discussion
Field Trip of GEMA’s SOC – State Operations Center 1 – 3 pm
When you enter the complex, parking is on the left and everyone should enter through
the revolving door in the 5 story Department of Transportation building across from the
parking lot. You will sign in with security and we will be notified that have arrived. I will
come to the lobby to escort you to the State Operations Center.
Point of Contact. Lamar McEwen
404-635-4208 Office 404-387-3734 Mobile

Map to GEMA