Open Data Specialist

Website Athens-Clarke County Unified Government


Salary Range: $49,939 – $59,489

This position is situated in the County’s Geospatial Information Office.  In this multifaceted role, you will lead the way in designing improvements to the Open Data Portal’s interface, expanding our dataset offerings, and formulating policies to support its use.  You’ll guide departments on data quality standards and governance practices, while also providing technical assistance for accessing the Portal.  Facilitating the Data Governance Committee, you’ll help shape data-forward policies.  Leveraging your expertise, you’ll identify priority datasets for publication, conduct audits for data quality, and collaborate on interdepartmental initiatives.

Your proficiency with GIS software and data tools will come into play as you curate and publish datasets, develop data visualizations, and contribute to interdepartmental initiatives.

Join us and make an impact as we harness the power of open data to drive informed decision-making and transparency within our community.

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