Norfolk Southern

Client: Norfolk Southern
REQ Title: NS-382- GIS Analyst
Location: Roanoke, VA
Duration: 6-12 Months
Rate: Open
Position: 1

The candidate should be highly motivated and very detail-oriented.  The candidate must have demonstrated successful experience in spatial data creation and maintenance.  The ability to work with different formats of spatial data using ESRI ArcGIS software is critical to this role.

Primary Responsibilities
The analyst will create the necessary data layers and Python scripts in ArcGIS Desktop to generate a track type database and speed polygons.  Once layer is in place, analyst will work with R&T to integrate this layer into an automatic command database on the track geometry car and analyze geometry data to verify database is correct.

Required Experience and Skills
Familiarity with ESRI ArcGIS 10+ Desktop Editing and Analysis functions, including spatial data formats, topological validation and geoprocessing
Conceptual and working knowledge of projection and coordinate systems
Conceptual and working knowledge of Linear Referencing Systems, including route definition, calibration, deriving and generating “point” and “route” events

Working knowledge of ESRI geodatabases
Working knowledge of routing and network analysis
Familiarity with Oracle Spatial 11g+
1 – 3 years of experience in editing and analyzing  spatial data
Familiarity with Sequel Databases

Other Skills/Abilities
Excellent written/oral communication skills

Contact: Holly Zaprowski,