GIS Technician



Job Description:   • GIS data manipulation and visualization
• Combining datasets from many sources to create cartographic products
• Creating exhibit maps to be used with land acquisition documents
• Producing project update maps and feasibility study maps
• Enterprise data management
Work Environment:   The GIS technician will be working at the Georgia Power headquarters downtown. The team is under 10 people but they will be working in their own cube amongst the entire Land group.
Qualifications:   The GIS technician should have the following qualifications:

• 2 years of related GIS experience or recent Geography based college graduate with GIS coursework
• Proficient with ESRI suite of GIS tools especially ArcGIS Editor environment
• Proficient cartographic skills
• Knowledge and experience working with enterprise GIS databases
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Exceptional organizational and project/workload management skills

Performance Expectations:   The GIS technician is only expected to have 1-3 years of experience so there will be a lot of training involved. For the first few weeks, they will be shadowing another member of the team. Once they are comfortable, they will begin working on some of their own projects. Performance reviews are at the 30 and 90 day benchmarks.

For additional information, please contact Kaitlyn Teti, Recruiter, at Aerotek: 770-250-1263.

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